Phone Filter (Lens)

52mm Clip-on CPL Filter Phone Camera Filter HD Mobile Lens Filter

Phone CPL filter can be used to remove the unwanted reflective light from non-metallic surface. With the phone CPL filter, you can get the effect very similar to DSLR camera. The 52mm phone CPL filter adopt large size design, which covers all the lenses of your phone.

camera filter


*Used to remove unwanted reflection from your images. * Get very clear pictures. * Multi-layer coating, anti-oil, anti-dust, waterproof

*52mm big size, which is suitable for all models of smartphone.

52mm big size design, covers all the lenses of your phone.

camera filter

Enjoy the Phone CPL filter

camera filter

camera filter


1: Super high resolution

The contrast show that the resolution of U-safe Variable ND filter is high definition, the resolution of other brand Variable ND filter is insufficient, and the picture is blurred.

camera filter

2. Ultra-low color shift.
From the comparison, we can find that the color shift with ND8 filter is very little.

camera filter

3. Double-side coating

With double sides nano coating, it is high performance

camera filter

Product Name
52mm Phone CPL Filter
Remove unwanted reflective light, help you get clearer pictures.
Material (Glass)
AG glass / Schott Glass B270
Material (Frame)
Aluminum Alloy / Ti / Cu / Brass for option
52mm, with big hole clamp
Frame thickness
About 5mm
Frame Color
Black, Gold, Red, Blue for option
Multiple-layer of vacuum nano coating with AR & AF film, no coating for optional
Process (Frame)
CNC , Anodizing, Laser Engraving
Used for
Smartphone photography
If your demands is excluded in above offered specification, it's customizable.