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What is Black Mist Filter and how to use it?

2023-08-01 11:41:29 Shirley

Black Mist Filter with Double-side Nano Coating

Black Mist filters, pro mist filters, cinebloom filters, different companies call different name. All of these filters are more or less the same thing: diffusion filters designed to soften an image by a pre-defined strength, usually defined by a fraction (1/8, 1/4). But how do these filters diffuse light and what kind of effect do they provide at different strengths? We are here to break it down and show you with a collection of sample images.

Whatever a particular company calls their light diffusion filters, they are all designed in a similar way: at some point in the filter manufacturing process (which usually consists of laying various coatings atop a piece of optical glass), small black speckles are sprinkled on top of the piece of glass. How many of these ‘specks’ are sprinkled on top determines how strong the diffusion effect will be: more specks means more prominent diffusion, fewer specks means less diffusion.

The black mist filter is usually circle type, but there are also square type which is used for cinematic. The black mist filters can creates a soft quality of light to your pictures or videos. You can find the effects in the below:

camera filter

Besides creating a soft quality of light, it can also reduce the highlight and lower the contract. Thus it is very good for portrait. As we know, the portrait photography is the most popular photography during the photographers. For it creates a unique sense of atmosphere.

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In the common use, the strength 1/8 and 1/4 are the most popular. Because it just adds a little soft effect to the modules, which look more natural.

Of course, due to the your requirement, you can choose the right one which fits for you. Here is the effect of different strength.

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