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What kind of filter is suggested for sun rising shotting?

2023-08-01 00:52:57 Shirley

To photograph the sunrise is one of the greatest satisfactions that I can experience. However, many people miss this fabulous photographic opportunity that happens every day of the year...

Don't be like them.

If you want to photograph the sunrise, you need at least a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera. I don't suggest you use phone to photograph it. Besides, you need some camera filters to help you get the best effect.

Usually a Sunrise is a scene with a high dynamic range as the sky is usually much brighter than the foreground.

To get the right exposure, you can use some camera filters to take pictures of the scene.

You can use a graduated neutral density filter (GND) to darken the sky and avoid an overexposed photo. Moreover, you'll add color to the scene.

100x150mm 150x170mm Soft Graduated ND Filter 0.9 1.2 No Color Cast Camera Neutral Density Filter

About the graduated ND filter, there are soft graduated ND filter, hard graduated ND filter, reverse graduated ND filter and center graduated ND filter. You may choose the correct graduated ND filter base on the scene. Here are some effects:

camera filter

camera filter

camera filter

camera filter

If you want to make a long exposure, you'll need a neutral density filter (ND). As the Sun rises at dawn, you'll need to use faster and faster shutter speeds. And the only way to extend the exposure time is with an ND filter.

Little Color Shift ND Filter Neutral Density Filter

Finally, the circular polarizing filter (CPL) is perfect for removing reflections on any glass and water surfaces. It also gives more color saturation to clouds and sky.

CPL Filter Circular Polarizer Filter

Here's a brief summary of some of the things you can do with the filters. But if you want to become a filter master, I suggest you try some more times.